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  1. Playin' For Keeps


Nothing can stop me 

When I'm on a roll

Don't stand in my path

And I'll bowl you over

Everything rolls my way

When I throw the dice

I'm a freight train

Barreling barreling barreling down the line

I'm serious as a heart attack

Don't you ever forget that


I'm playin for keeps

Playin for keeps

I'm working hard and I’m takin’ numbers

Even when you sleep

I'm playing for keeps

Playin for keeps

There's nothing you can do about it

Except hang your head and weep

I'm playin for keeps

I'm playin for keeps

I'm a natural born winner
I’m on top of the bill
Don’t even try to catch me
You know you never will

I’m love hot and dollar strong
That’s what’s goin on

You may think I'm kidding

But you'd be wrong